Available courses

This course will cover:

  • Definition of frailty
  • Frailty scales
  • Prevalence of frailty in different settings: community, care homes, acute admissions and inpatients
  • Theories underpinning the pathophysiology of frailty
  • Clinical presentation of frail older people
  • Adverse outcomes of frailty in different settings: community and inpatients
  • Evidence based interventions to improve outcomes for frail older people in a range of settings
  • Robustly articulate arguments to focus on the care of older people
  • Able to employ a range of teaching techniques to influence colleagues behaviours to older people
  • Frailty Core Capabilities Framework (understanding tiers and articulate
  • Person’s experience of living with Frailty and patient outcomes desired to see
  • Care planning
  • Treatment
  • Language of frailty – conversations with carers
  • Advocate for frail older people
  • Demonstrate experience working in a unit with a frailty pathway